All classes are offered as recreational programs introducing the basic physical skills which help prepare the children for whatever sports activities they choose to participate in as they get older.

Tumble Bugs  (Parent and child class):  12 months to 3 years. Co-Ed –  Student to instructor ratio (9:1) $58.00 per month

This 45 minute class improves the walking, running and climbing of 1 -3.5 year olds!  They learn more and improve their body spatial awareness and continue to progress their fine gross motor skills. They will dance, swing and play games!  They will learn great things about themselves as they learn gymnastics and make new friends!

Fun Flippers  (Preschool Program) 3.5 to 4  years Co-Ed Independent Class

                       Student to Instructor Ratio (6:1) $68.00 per month

This is a 1 hour class designed to help a child grow in their gymnastics. While having fun and interacting with others they will learn beginner gymnastics skills and progress with the use of circuits and games. This is a circuit based class. They will work towards jumping, rolling, climbing and learn to follow the leader! Must have instructor clearance to do independent class, we reserve the right to choose if your child needs to do the parent and tot class or tumble bugs class before moving them to the independent class.

Flyin Flacherz Gymnastics Classes  5 to 6  years Co-Ed

 Student to Instructor Ratio (7:1) $68.00 per month

This is a 1 hour class designed as an introduction to gymnastics and physical fitness with an emphasis on socialization and fun with peers. They will take gymnastics to the next level while walking on the balance beam, learning different rolls and begin to gain flexibility through bridges and splits. This class is so much fun and there is always time for games

Recreational Gymnastics Classes and Color Band System!  Student/Instructor Ratio (8:1) $68.00 per month for 1 hour class; 2 hour class is $136.80

Flach’s Purple / Blue Team -This 60 minute class is for the beginner / advanced beginner gymnast. Gymnast’s will earn their way through Flach’s color band system working their way through handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls and basics on the other apparatus’ such as bars, vault and balance beam. When skills are achieved on the skill chart athletes receive the band for completing the level! Blue Team athletes will focus on perfecting skills in preparation for moving up to our Green team!

Flach’s Green / Yellow Team (Intermediate / Advanced) – This 60 minute class is for the gymnast who has earned their bands in the beginner (purple team) and the advanced beginner (blue team).
Flach’s intermediate gymnasts will discover new skills on the floor with bridge kick overs, and one handed cartwheels. On the bars they will work towards pull overs, back hip circles, on balance beam handstands and cartwheels while running towards their goal on vault with a handstand flat back. Gymnast’s must be evaluated for this class.

Our recreational gymnastics classes are split by age first, 7-9 years olds, 10-12 year olds and 12 and up. Class times are 1 hr and 2 hrs; you can sign up for more than 1 class at an additional discounted rate of 10% per month off the second class.

A gymnastics class with physical activity includes support, interaction with others and a positive experience for a child and their family. It can help with coordination, strength, and balance. Our instructors can work with children of their own unique abilities. they can focus on basic motoro skills according to their abilities before introducing them to new skills or activities as they progress. Gymnastics structured to help children with other sports, and will also help them grow through verbal communication and interaction. It will help them build self-confidence and encourage participation in a group environment.

Ninja Zone Classes: $72.00 per month

By opening up the world of Ninja Sport to your child, you are providing a unique way to focus their energy.  Practicing the sport of ninja exercises the body and mind, but also builds character and cultivates discipline.  Ninja Sport isn’t just a ton of fun for kids (although it is, in fact, a TON of fun); it instills values and techniques that provide an important foundation for your child’s success.  Ninja Zone gives your child the confidence to take on any challenge and gives you peace of mind knowing that you are contributing to their physical, mental and emotional well-being.  Plus, your ninja will learn to kick, jump and flip like characters in their favorite video games it doesn’t get much cooler than that!

Private Lessons-

Available in 1/2 hour and 1 hour increments.  For those who want to tumble for cheerleading or dance.  We offer private lessons for gymnasts who want to excel on a specific skill or event too!  Please call for pricing.


Open Gym ($12.00) Members ($17.00 – non members)

Send your child in for another hour of supervised gymnastics at just $12.00 for members (those already enrolled in a class at FGA).  Times vary, to be determined by season.  Please see the Open Gym page for further details.



Competitive Team – USAG Levels 3  – 10  (By invitation only) Xcel Competitive Program: Open to all interested athletes! Please call 518-828-3421 to schedule an evaluation! 

Xcel Competitive Gymnastics Program at Flach Gymnastics Academy, LLC.  XCEL is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. The goal of XCEL is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding and competitive gymnastics experience.  The Xcel program is a completely separate, alternate program. There are five divisions in the Xcel program: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. All of the Xcel divisions have optional rules and skills are based on and chosen for each individual. There are only 4-5 skills that are required in each routine and are choreographed for the gymnasts personality, strengths and weakness’. Whereas in the compulsory levels every gymnast must perform the same skills and routines.

Home to 2019 NYS Level 7 Vault Champion Carly Spencer!

Home to 2018 NYS Level 6 Vault Champion Alison Flint








JO Program: Requires 2-5 days a week of gymnastics.  2.0 4.0 hour practices are necessary to build the skills they need to compete through conditioning, drills and lead up skills.  Fun, competitive gymnastics! This is a USA-Gymnastics team program. We will be following their basic guidelines and routines! Must be evaluated and invited for placement. Levels 3-10.

Birthday Parties!   

The gym is available for private birthday parties on Saturdays!  Please see the Birthday Party page or pick up information at the front desk! You may also inquire by sending an email to