Gym Policies


Please read through this thoroughly.


We accept check, cash or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover). We do not accept checks at initial sign up and registration. Only cash or credit; Please note that we offer reoccurring monthly withdrawals’ via credit card, please inquire at desk or register online.

If you do our auto plan your card will be charged on the 1st of each month. 

Monthly Invoice – Invoices are sent monthly by the 15th.  Payment is due on or before the 1st of the month.

Please register on our website and check your account daily for updates, delays or closings.


    • Tuition is due by the 1st of each month. This is due regardless of school delays or closings, gym vacations, holiday break, missed class or any other personal circumstances.
    • We do not charge extra when there are 5 classes in a month. The tuition is monthly regardless of 3, 4 or 5 classes. This sometimes will happen due to Holidays or weather, but balances when there are 5 classes in a month. Holiday closures are included in our pricing structure.
  • When you sign up with our gym you will pay a first month and last month up front. If you are in our program when June comes, you will not have a tuition payment due.  Summer is its own session and you must sign up separately for it, we do not need a 30 days written notice for summer.
  • If you are doing classes in July and August you will need to sign up!

Monthly Tuition Rates

$66.00/Month – 1.0 hour class – Recreational, Girls and Boys (3, 4, or 5 classes in a month

$126.00/Month – 2.0 hour class – Recreational, Girls and Boys (3, 4, or 5 classes in a month)

$52.00/Month -Parent and Tot Class (3, 4, or 5 classes in a month)

$70.00 / Month – Ninja Zone   1.0 hour class (3, 4, or 5 classes in a month)

***We reserve the right to decide if a 3 year old may attend an independent class or still need to attend the parent and tot class.***


  • Please call or check our website for any gym closings. We also will send an e-mail and text if class is canceled. We do not follow the schools schedule.
  • If you are unsure, Please Contact Us, we do not want you to drive out in questionable weather just to find the gym closed. There is no make-up or tuition re-imbursement when the gym is closed due to the weather as we can not control the weather.
  • There is a calendar on the “schedule” tab on our website… please check there to see when we are closed for holidays. Please note – when we are closed, your tuition is still the same monthly amount – we do not charge extra when there are 5 classes in a month. This balances itself out.
  • Contact us to sign up for text messaging!

FREE TRIAL CLASS Offered to first time members only if requested; an online registration must be done 48 hours prior to any trial. Online registrations are only accepted from a parent or legal guardian, if you are the legal guardian we must have a copy of your paperwork on file. NO EXCEPTIONS. (We do not offer trials in June or July).

If this is scheduled and missed, another will not be offered. If doing gymnastics in our gym, we must have a release of liability signed by the legal guardian before any child may go on the floor. If we do not, they will not be able to participate. At times we may request a physicians note for your child to participate; if this is requested, it will be needed prior to going on floor.

No exceptions, we reserve the right to deny any child from participating without the proper forms signed by a parent or legal guardian (with proper paperwork).

Dropping from class we require a 30 days written notice or your card will be charged.

List of weeks or days we are closed or open.

We are closed for the following days throughout the year and do not offer a make-up for the following weeks, these are included in our pricing structure.

CLOSED: 2017-2018

Monday, October 9th – Columbus Day

Tuesday, October 31st – Halloween

Wednesday – Sunday, November 22 – November 26th – Thanksgiving Break

Saturday, December 23rd – Monday, January 1st, 2018 – Christmas Break

Monday, January 15th – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Monday, February 19th – Saturday, February 24th – President’s Day and Presidents Day School Break

Monday, April 2nd – Saturday, April 7th – Spring Recess

Friday, May 25 – Monday, May 28th – Memorial Day Weekend and Memorial Day

Last Day of June classes is June 23, 2018.

No Classes June 24, 2018 – Sunday July 8th. Summer Classes (Separate Session) begin Monday, July 9th!

We are open on all other holidays and weeks.

If in question, please check on our website and Facebook page which are updated often should there be a change.

Thanks so much for reading this thoroughly, we look forward to meeting you and your family!

What to wear to classes!

Ninja Zone students are required to purchase a Ninja Zone Tee Shirt and Headband.

Gymnastics students: Girls should wear a leotard and shorts; Boys should wear athletic clothing (Shorts and a Tee Shirt)

Parents in the Tumble Bugs classes should wear athletic clothing, no skirts or dresses please.

No socks or tights, please.

Hair must be tied back.

When not to bring your child to class and when we require a physician’s note to return include, but are not limited to the following: Concussions, communicable diseases or rashes, open wounds or stitches, breaks, sprains or any types of surgery including dental. We must have a doctor’s note for your child to do/return to gymnastics for any reason that we deem necessary. This is up to the dole discretion of the gym and its employees.